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Dinings & Shops on campus


Yonsei university MIRAE campus does not offer meal plan.

There are several dining halls and snack bars on campus. Student can have their own meals with reasonable prices.


Also, there are several amenity shops on campus where you can buy daily supplies on campus.


Click here to see the list of dinings and shops on campus.




Yonsei University Wonju Library began with the 'Wonju University Library' at Wonju College of Medicine located in Ilsan-dong in 1981. It transferred to Maeji Campus and changed to Liberal Arts/Science and Law University Library in 1984. It promoted to 'Yonsei University Wonju Library' and moved the location of the current Student Union Building in 1988.

The current central library was constructed newly in 1994. By remodeling the Central Library in 2010, it supports academic research and learning of the faculty and students. The library has begun 'Computation of Library (Cataloging, Borrowing, Search)' through the introduction of Library.

In 2005, in order to provide more upgraded academic information to the user, the library homepage was opened newly with electronic library system operating a lot of digital contents.

The library established Integrated User Management System to effectively support the education and research in 2009. So, the users can be accessible the materials in the Yonsei University Library through the integrated system.

Wonju campus library holds more than 52 million books, 9,951 kinds of electronic journals and 13 kinds of academic DB.'Study room' is located on the first basement and first floor. From the second floor up to the fifth floor, there are reading room, multimedia room, and library classroom. It has a total of 1,196 reading seats, 19 seminar rooms.


Go to the website of Library of Yonsei University MIRAE Campus



Medical Needs


[Wonju Severance Christian Hospital]


Since its establishment in November of 1959 by the Canadian United Mission and United Methodist Church of America as ‘Wonju United Christian Hospital’, the Yonsei University Wonju Severance Hospital has contributed greatly in providing high quality healthcare service to the communities in the central region of Korea.

The Wonju Severance Christian Hospital was the first hospital in nation to introduce systematic medical record management system in Korea, enabling high quality medical care for the patients. As a patient-centered hospital, we ensure the competitiveness in the medical treatment and healthcare professionals through setting standard of excellence in medical education and research, and harnessing advancements in technology by incorporating cutting-edge medical equipment into the healthcare system. We make every effort to ensure and maintain patient safety and focuses on delivering high quality treatment to the patients and their families.

Currently, we deliver services and programs through specialized medical centers including regional emergency medical center, cardiovascular center, cancer center, diabetes center, hepatobiliary and gastroenterology center, pulmonology center, neurovascular center, robot and minimal invasive surgery (MIS) center, Gamma knife center, Tomotherapy center, dental implant center, neonatal intensive care center, stem cell transplantation center, and health promotion center.

Especially, the Wonju Severance Hospital provides one of the best emergency medicine service with best facilities and equipment in Korea that we operate ‘Doctor Helicopter’ to transfer patients from anywhere it can possibly reach. The nation certified regional emergency medical center is dedicated in early detection and treatment of life threatening situations to save patient’s life at the earliest to pursue our founding philosophy ‘Leading the future of medicine and spread God’s love’ by providing human oriented care of exceptional quality for realization of customer satisfaction.


Severance Hospital also maintains an International Health Care Center. The center is staffed by doctors and nurses who are fluent in several languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish, and are ready to serve the medical needs of the international community. The International Clinic's reception is open 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays. Appointments can be made at (033)741-0808, 010-6615-1415 or email to


■ Go to the website of Wonju Severance Christian Hospital


[Health Service Center]


- Location: #243 Student Union

- Phone Number: +82-33-760-2641,2644

- Open Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 AM~12 PM, 1 PM~5 PM

- Website:


■ Service

- The center provides basic healthcare services to students, faculty members, and staff.

- The center is committed to improving public health on the campus and in guiding the proper use of medicines.


■ Care

- Medicine provision (mainly treatment for urgency)

- Dressing (wound treatment)

- Transfer to another hospital


■ Household Medicine

- You can get basic household medicine for 600 ~ 1,000 won


■ Medical diagnosis for the purpose of taking a leave of absence

A student who wants to take a leave of absence due to a medical condition should consult a doctor in the center. The student or a family member of the student should bring a certificate of diagnosis issued by a secondary/tertiary medical institution.

A certificate of diagnosis issued by a traditional medicine clinic is not recognized.

If the doctor allows a student to take a leave of absence after consultation, he sends an official document to the office of university administration.


[Medicine & Pharmacies]


Pharmacies are located all over the city on nearly every block; just look for the sign that reads, 약국 (yak-gook). You can purchase both prescription and over the counter drugs for colds, headaches, and other minor ailments there.



Sports Center


When your Yonsei student ID card gets issued, you can register a membership for Yonsei Sports Center. It costs KRW 75,000 for a semester. The membership includes indoor fitness center and swimming pool.

Fitness center has good quality weightlifting machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills. Swimming pool has 6 lanes of 25 m each, aqua pool for rehabilitation, kids pool and diving pool with the depth of 5 m.


■ Hours: (Weekdays) 06:00~22:00, (Saturday) 06:00~12:00, (Sunday/Holiday) Closed


The Sports Center building also has indoor basketball court, and judo and taekwondo mats. It is often used for physical education classes.


There is main athletic field which consists of a soccer and transmutable baseball field, small basketball court and mini soccer field. They are managed by the Sports Center Team and are open to the public. To use the fields, however, you should fill out a reservation request in advance.  


■ Go to the website of Sports Center


Yonsei Internet Service


[Wired Internet]

There is an IP address written on each desk in the dormitory. Please enter your according IP address to your device. (You can buy a LAN cable at the Noorisaem located on the 1st floor of Yonsei Plaza.)


[Wireless Internet]

University wireless internet service is free and available at most areas on campus. You can connect to the wireless Internet through the network named YONSEI. After scanning, click YONSEI and type in your Yonsei Portal ID and Password. This wireless Internet can be used in all the campus buildings except in dormitory rooms. (You may set up a router to use Wi-Fi in your room.) Upon OS of your devices, there is a few setting differences options. Detailed instruction will be informed at the orientation.


※ Internet will be disconnected from 2 AM to 4 AM.