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Course Catalog


Course descriptions and prerequisite information can be accessed at the Yonsei Portal. Students can search courses offerings by semester. They can take courses either in Korean and English. Courses can be listed by category. 


※ For English-spoken courses, Click ‘Course Catalogue and Syllabus’ > Select ‘Undergraduate Programs(mirae)’ > Select ‘English Class’


Please be noted that some courses are only offered in the spring or fall semester, or every other year. And some majors do not offer English-spoken courses.

The course catalog is usually updated a month before the course registaration period.



Course Registration


English spoken course list is finalized in the end of January and July. Incoming international students will receive a course registration information by email in the early of February for spring semester or August for fall semester. Students register to the courses themselves on Yonsei Portal online platform. All courses have quotas, therefore the seats in each courses are allocated on mileage system basis and the first come first serve basis upon the course registration schedule. Not all times incoming international students can register in the courses they need, due to insufficient pre-requisites, enrollment limit, schedule conflicts, or cancellation of courses. Therefore, an exchange(visiting) semester/year at Yonsei may not be suitable for students entering a graduating year and/or for students who need to complete a specific set of courses for their home university degree requirements.


■ How to register for classes


The information regarding to course registration will be sent in a separate E-mail in late January or August for each semester.



Class Language


Either Korean or English



Course Load


Minimum 12 credits up to 18 credits. 1 credit is 15 hours of classroom instruction.



Course codes and numbers


  • The first three letter of a course code indicate which department the course if offered in. for example, a course code starting with ECO means the course if offered by the Department of Economics.
  • Undergraduate course number range from 1000 (lower division or elective liberal arts courses) to 4000 (upper division). For example, ECO1234 is a lower division course and ECO 4567 is an upper division course.
  • 5000-level courses and above are graduate courses.



Grading System


- Students who have absent for more than a third of the total class hours a semester will fail(F) for that course.


The below chart is the point of each letter grade.


- Yonsei applies a relative or absolute evaluation in accordance with detailed school policies.

- Yonsei does not provide grades converting to ‘Pass / Non-pass’. Check credit transfer policy at the home university

- Some courses will be originally graded as Pass/Non-Pass.



Ratio of ECTS units to Credit units


ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) units to credit units is 2 to 1. (e.g. 6 ECTS = 3 credits). However, conversion of units to credits is up to the discretion of exchange(visiting) students’ home institution.



Grades and Transcript


Students can check their grades on Yonsei Portal at the designated period. Transcript is issued in the middle of January or July and post mailed to partner universities.


YSCEC (Yonsei Cyber Education Community)


Go to the YSCEC homepage and log-in. Then you can find the cyber community for your enrolled class. (Some cyber communities are unavailable depending on the course or instructors)

Click ‘total course list’ and choose a ‘regular course’ or an ‘irregular course’.


Apart from the registered courses, you may choose to audit courses via a video format.


■ Website:



Withdrawal Policy


Application for withdrawal must be finished by the due date indicated in the academic schedule (cf. calendar), and help is available from mentors.