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In accordance with the Yonsei University Mirae Campus statute no. 51, all the undergraduate students have to fulfill the certification required for graduation. The certification is divided into following two categories:


(1) Foreign Language Proficiency

(2) IT Capability / Industrial Practice Capability (choose one of the two)



Departments in Charge


- Foreign Language Proficiency: MIRAE Office of International Affairs

- IT Capability: MIRAE Institutes for Lifelong Education

- Industrial Practice Capability: Field Practice Support Center (Industry-Academic Cooperation Students Portal System)



Requirements for Foreign Language Certification


Those who meet both one compulsory requirement and one of four optional ones will be qualified for the certification.




Procedure for the 2nd optional requirement


  • - Basically, you need to submit an original copy of the language test score card and a student ID(real or mobile one) to the MOIA office, Yonsei Plaza #303. The test must be taken after your admission or transfer to this campus.

- In the event that you cannot come to the office in person, please send an original copy of the score card and a photocopy of the student ID to the MOIA office by registered mail.

※ Mailing Address: 303 Yonsei Plaza, 1 Yonseidae-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, 26493



How to Check the Result


Go to Yonsei Portal(  >  Log in  >  Academic Information System  >  Academic Management System  >  Student Record  >  Graduation/Advancement  >  원주졸업인증결과




Other Information


- The Mandatory English Course Waiver Program is one way to fulfill the compulsory requirement for the Foreign Language Certification. To inquire about this program, contact the Department of Academic Affairs(033-760-2714). Please note that if you have submitted the language score for the waiver, it doesn't mean that you have fulfilled the second optional requirement for the Foreign Language Certification.


- The academic information system will not say “Y”(fulfilled) even after you’ve met the second optional requirement if you haven’t passed all the compulsory English courses yet.


- The subjects in the table #2 above are not necessarily offered every semester. So you need to check it in the sign-up period to meet the third optional requirement.

- For the third optional requirement, you need to attend the classes in the table #2 offered in Mirae Campus for the spring/fall semesters, while you can attend in Sinchon Campus for the summer/winter semesters, if the same classes are offered there.


- For TOEFL iBT, My Best Scores selection can be reflected. However, the examination dates for each test area of My Best Scores are recognized as grades acquired after admission.