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In an effort to create a true globalized university, Yonsei has been and currently is participating in programs that allow faculty and students to study abroad through exchange programs between related institutions. This exchange, however, has been one way, towards the West. Koreans have long recognized the value of English as an international language of communication. Because of this, many overseas English language programs have found that Korean students occupy a significant percentage of their classes. Furthermore, as Korea has become more visible internationally in the areas of culture, business, sports and academia, many universities outside Korea have created a department/major of Korean Studies.

We have created what is called the ‘Global Village Program’ within the Yonsei University MIRAE campus. This village is housed in our dormitories. The citizens are Yonsei university MIRAE Campus students who have a special interest in English as a foreign language along with students from abroad who are native or expert English speakers. All activities, announcements, assignments, so forth will be in the English language.

International students who receive a stipend for participating in this program can reap the benefits of learning about Korea while interning as a ‘language and cultural ambassador’. The stipend partially covers living costs. Korean language classes are offered for international students as well as other culturally related elective classes that are taught in English.


This program is open to exchange students who is English-native speakers and hosted from partner universities which have bilateral student exchange agreements particularly specifying GVP on the documents in North America. 

Those students will automatically participate in the Global Village Program when they apply for Yonsei University MIRAE Campus as an exchange student.



Global Village Program Activities

[​Course Registration]

- Mandatory: Korean Conversation, Korean Reading & Writing, and Korean Culture Experience(YHS1019)*
- Optional: Community Service Internship(YHS1045)** and other regular university courses
   ※ Course registration information will be sent in a separate email.


* Korean Culture Experience (YHS1019) - 3 credits

This is a required course for foreign students participating in the Global Village Program. Students who participate in the second semester do not have to sign up for classes. Instead, you can audit the lecture.  

This class aims to provide the international exchange students participating English global village program the opportunity to experience and learn about the culture and history of Korea. For grade, the participants are required to turn in two essays, one in the midterm week and the other in the final week. Each essay should have at least 1,500 words. This course is graded as P/NP by assessing attendance, participation, and submitted essays.  

The total class hour for this course is 45 hours which includes lecture, activities and transportation.

The field trips for this course are Chuncheon Immigration Office, visiting Wonju Hanji Theme Park, Making Korean Foods, Making Korean crafts, visiting Yeoju Ceramic Festival, visiting Yon-Ko Jeon, Visiting National Museums, Everalnd, farm Experience Village, Korean Folk Village and so on. Trips are subject to change. Sometimes students go on field trips all day long, so international students participating in GV should register only for this class on Friday.


** Community Service Internship (YHS1045) - 2 credits

This course is designed with a view toward making international exchange students participating Global Village program aware of the underprivileged people existing in every community especially within a Korean cultural context.

This is an optional(elective) course for GV international students, not a mandatory.

Students who have study period of two semesters can choose only one semester to take this course.

This Internship program provides an opportunity for international exchange students to develop personal interaction and leadership skills while experiencing a culture of sharing and cooperating with various regional communities.

However, there may be restrictions for this course due to language limitations, and if an appropriate internship institution is not found, it may be difficult to take the course in that semester.  

For grade, the participants are required to turn in two essays, one in the midterm week and the other in the final week. Each essay should have at least 1,000 words. This course is graded as P/NP by assessing attendance, participation, and submitted essays.  


※ Community Service Internship may be canceled if it does not match with the proper institute.


[Opening Ceremony]

At the global village program opening ceremony, international students officially meet their Korean roommates and other students for the first time and share a short self-introduction. This opening ceremony means the global village program officially has begun.


[Field Trip]

There will be a field trip right before the semester begins. You will have a half-day field trip during the orientation week arranged by GV coordinator. The traveling expenses will be supported by the office. With this field trip you can get to know your GV friends better.


[Mutual Mentor Session (MMS)]
There will be eight MMS’s for each international student with Korean GV participants. All the IS’s have to attend an hour long session with each of the Korean students once a week to exchange language and culture. These sessions will provide more personalized exchange between the students.

The GV coordinator will arrange all MMS schedules in accordance with the participant's course timetable. During the mid-term period, your MMS partners and schedule will be changed for the second half.

[Weekly Reports for MMS]
You need to update and submit your MMS weekly report through online Google Spreadsheets every week. The link of the form will be shared with you once the semester begins. The due date is every Sunday. Make sure you submit your weekly report on time. You will describe what you did with your partner during the session and upload a photo as a proof.



Graduation officially means the termination of the global village program. Students who complete the program are awarded a certificate of completion. Special dinner is also provided.

[Residential Life]
Global Village Program participating exchange students are housed in on-campus residence halls. You will be sharing a room with GV Korean students. As living in dormitories, you are under obligation to keep the dormitory regulations. You have one dormitory option. It`s a 3-beds room(Seiyeon dorm). The housing fee is waived for international students participating in the Global Village Program.

A scholarship will be awarded to all GV international students for being mentors to GV Korean students who need to improve their English proficiency.

The total amount of scholarship is 1,400,000 Korean Won for the 3-bed room at Seiyeon dormitory. It will be divided and paid three times during the semester. The first stipend will be paid in the end of April or October and the detailed payment schedule will be informed at the orientation session. The stipends may be delayed on occasions due to public holidays, emergency leaves of staff-in-charge or other unexpected events. Payment of the full amount of scholarship is dependent on your participation in official activities. Failure to participate in your required duties and responsibilities may lead to a reduction of the stipend as mentioned on the ‘Rules and Regulations for International Students.’ in the handbook (A hand book is dispatched along with an acceptance letter in a separate email.).

Please be noted that international GV students’ scholarship is funded directly by GV enrollment fees of the Korean students' participating in the program. Thus, international students will duly perform all GV activities to the best of your ability with the Korean students.

[Extension of program]
Students who apply for one semester and wish to extend the program in the middle of the semester must contact their home university coordinator. Continuation to the second semester is by no means automatic and depends largely on the students’ grades, performance, responsibility and dedication to the program.


[Important Things to Note]

As the purpose of the GV program is for students from abroad and Korean students to live and participate in various programs together, cultural conflicts can arise and some may experience difficulties due to transition. Thus, before you apply for the program, take some time to consider whether you will be able to compromise, understand one another and have ability overcome when problems occur.

All dates and details of each program(field trip, special events, the amount of dormitory fee, scholarship supported, etc.) are subject to change or be canceled depending on the seriousness of epidemic, disaster or the quarantine policies of the Korean government and in case of any changes, Yonsei will inform students of related notices as early as possible.