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Basic Information


All incoming international students are housed in on-campus residence halls. Residence hall options can be found at Wonju Housing Office.


Rates and room type can be found at the below chart. Rates are subject to change.


Name of Residence Room Type Cost per semester (4 months)
Maeji Haksa 1 or 2 3 persons per room 554,080 KRW
Maeji Haksa 3 4 persons per room 538,080 KRW
Seiyon Haksa A type 2 persons per room 1,127,460 KRW
Seiyon Haksa B type 3 persons per room 831,060 KRW
Cheongyeon Haksa 1 or 2 3 persons per room 1,127,460 KRW

None of the campus residences provide bedding or other linens (towels, etc.). Students should be prepared to provide their own, bring these items with them from home, or purchase them upon arrival.

Yonsei University MIRAE campus is alcohol free campus. Drinking is not allowed on campus.


All the incoming international students live on campus in dormitory halls. Since the students are going to share a room with other students, please do your best to respect your roommates’ personal space. If you have a problem or concern about the dorm, please contact a Dormitory Coordinator(Housemaster) at the front desk.


Make sure that all the facilities and the matters are taken care of. The Dormitory Coordinator (Housemaster) will be able to answer your questions and guide you through the processes. Student must follow the Wonju Housing Office Regulations regarding living in dormitory halls. 


■ Main Regulations


- A student must have a card key at all-time, and a student shall put a card key on a reader at the gate to enter.

- If a card key or a key is lost or broken, a student shall submit the statement of reason immediately and receive a new one. Yet, the cost of renewal is covered by a student.

- Lending a card key or a key to others is prohibited, and a student shall be able to show it to a faculty, if requested.

- A student is prohibited to enter a room of opposite gender, and a visit at hours other than allowable hours is prohibited.


- A student may not allow any outsider to enter into a room or dormitory without the approval by a faculty or an office, and no outsider is allowed to stay overnight.

- For any special occasion, a student shall receive the approval by a roommate and office (or faculty), and an outsider may enter under the guidance of office.


- All students must abide by the following hours.

① Gate Opening: 05:00, Gate Closing: 24:00 (Fri ~ Sun 00:30)

② Roll Call: 23:00 ~ 01:00 next day


To stay out overnight, a student shall submit the record of night-out at the Student Dormitory Management System during the designated hour (05:00 ~ 22:30), and the office may report a student with frequent night-out to a guardian.

- A student staying overnight without a record will receive a penalty point.



Housing Assignment


Room type is assigned by the MIRAE Office of International Affairs upon your choice on the application form. If you do not request certain roommates, your roommates will be assigned randomly. Once the room and roommates are set up, you must not change your room with other international students.



Check-in / Check-out


Residents can enter their room after receiving their domitory keys. All damage and requests for general domitory repairs should be reported in writing to the office within 2 days. Otherwise, residents are responsible for any damage or repair that is required.


All the residents should have their domitories inspected 24 hours before check-out. The residents should submit an inspection application form to the Housing. Return your room key, key chain and bedding at the front dest. Please leave a forwarding address for the mail.

※ Keys must be returned to the Housemaster of the domitory, not to anyone else.




If the student find anything broken or needing maintenance in the room, please contact the Housemaster first, who will help you fill out a damage report for the Housing Office.

Furniture and items in the room are not allowed to be removed or moved outside without the written permission from the Housing Office.

Missing items or damage caused by the resident should be paid by residents. 

Before residents check out, they should clean their room. Otherwise, they will be charged KRW 30,000 for cleaning.



Keeping your baggage


Student can leave and keep your baggage at the dormitory after finishing the semester, but only if the student is staying in the dormitary for the following semester.




Student can do their laundry at the dormitory halls. Laundry rooms are located at the 1st floor of Maeji 1/2/3, Seiyeon 1/2, 1st and 2nd floor of Seiyeon 3 and every other floor in Cheongyeon Haksa. Buy a laundry card at the lobby of your dormitory hall. The card costs 2,000 won. Charge the balance then tab the card at the washing machine. It costs 1,000 won per wash and another 1,000 won for dry.


Also, the laundry is located on the first floor of the same building as the MIRAE Office of International Affairs. Operating hours are from 08:30 to 20:00, Monday to Friday, 08:30~13:00 on Saturday and the basic charge for the laundry is 4,000 Korean Won for 4 kilograms, which includes the washing, drying and folding of your clothes. An extra charge will be added for every additional kilogram.