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Leave of Absence (Change of Academic Status)


■ Departure after Change of Academic Status


D-2 student visa is only valid while the student is enrolled to the university and taking classes. If there is a change of academic status for international students with D-2 visa, their visa will expire regardless the maturity date written on the back side of the ARC and students MUST leave Korea within 30 days from the date of change. If a student does not leave the country within 30 days, he or she will be regarded as an illegal immigrant and will have to pay fines to the Immigration Office, so do depart from the country in time.


1. List of Changes of Academic Status that require Departure from Korea

- Leave of Absence

- Voluntary Permanent Academic Leave

- Expulsion

- Graduation

- Completion of Bachelor’s Degree

- Outbound Exchange Program for more than 2 semesters


2. Departure Process: Change of Academic Status > Buy Flight Ticket > Return ARC at the Airport (MANDATORY) > Depart Korea


■ Return to School


Returning students MUST receive a new Certificate of Admission for their new D-2 visa because their previous D-2 visa expired when their academic status changed.


1. Apply for the return through Yonsei Portal website during the announced application period for return.

2. Receive an email guideline regarding re-issuance of Certificate of Admission for a new D-2 visa from Yonsei OIA.

3. Receive the new Certificate of Admission(COA).

4. Go to the nearest Korean Embassy/Consulate in your country to apply for a new D-2 visa.

5. Upon arrival to Korea, re-apply for a new Alien Registration Card(the number on the issued card is generally the same as your original number).


■ Required Documents for Visa Application


Refer to Information > Campus Life > Visa > 'Basic required documents for D-2 visa application'



Changes and Extensions (Visa Alterations)

■ Extension of Stay


Visa expiration date for D-2 visa holders will most likely be March or September(this is so that when international students graduate in the end of February or August, they have 30 extra days to depart from Korea).

Visa extension can be applied starting from 4 months before the expiration date. If students stay in Korea after their visa has expired, they can be regarded as illegal immigrants and will have to pay fines to the Immigration Office. Thus, don't forget to extend the visa in advance to the expiration date.


※ Visa extension can only be done through Korean Immigration Office while the foreigner is actually residing in Korea. Visa extension is not possible through Korean consulate or embassy in other countries.

※ Individual application will take more time to process than collective application, so the use of collective application service(held every March and September) is highly recommended.


ProcessVisit the Immigration Office or Apply online (

  • Required Documents
  • - Application Form(found at
  • - Passport
  • - Alien Registration Card
  • - Certificate of Enrollment
  • - Transcript
  • - Proof of Residence
  • - Document of Financial Statement (only for those who have overall GPA less than 2.0)
  • - Confirmation of Extra Semester (if applying for an extra semester for undergraduate students) or Confirmation Form for Faculty Advisor on a Student's Thesis Schedule (if applying for an extra semester for graduate students)
  • - Fee of 60,000 KRW

■ Change of Sojourn Status


Those who have an invalid visa must change their visa type to an appropriate one before the university begins. Refer to "Immigration" - "Student Visas" - "Visa Types" for more information.


■ Re-Entry Permits


Implementation of Re-Entry Permit Exemption

  • - If you are a registered foreigner and plan to return to Korea within 1 year from the departure date, you are exempted from re-entry permit
  • - If your period of sojourn remains less than 1 year, you are exempted from a re-entry permit for the remaining period.
  • - If you need the permission due to the entry restrictions, you may submit application to an Immigration (Branch) Office free of charge.
  • - If you are a registered alien and plan to return to Korea between 1 year and 2 years from the departure date, you may apply for multiple re-entry permit free of charge.
  • - A 2-year period will be granted. If your period of sojourn remains less than 2 years, you are exempted from a re-entry permit for the remaining period.



Employment(Part-time work) under D-2


International students holding a D-2 visa must receive approval from the immigration office prior to beginning any part-time work.


■ Working Hours


Undergraduates may work no more than 25 hours per week. Graduate students may work no more than 35 hours per week.


■ Submitting an Application


Submit the completed form below to the appropriate office according to your program.

- Undergraduate: MIRAE Office of International Affairs (Yonsei Plaza #303)

- Graduate: Graduate School Office (산학관)


Submit the approved application form to your appropriate immigration office in person or through the online e-Application system (


For more information, contact the MIRAE Office of International Affairs