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To ensure your well-being during your study abroad at our campus, all incoming exchange & visiting students are obligated to obtain personal health(medical)/accident insurance.

The insurance plan must be valid in Republic of Korea and cover the duration of study.

Please enroll in a health insurance plan of your choice, as there is no designated insurance service provider but it is recommended that you choose a study abroad plan which will cover medical expenses to be incurred during your study in Korea.

Mandatory insurance plans provided at your home institution will be sufficient, but proof (an official letter) must be provided to the MOIA.


■ How to use Insurance


Korea’s hospitals require your payment in advance, and then administer treatment or perform an operation later.

Patients need to contact their insurance company later to file a claim for the bill.

Please be sure to request all receipts and the doctor’s statement (it costs about KRW 10,000 to KRW 30,000) in English in order to make processing your claims easier.

In case of emergency, please go to the Wonju Severance Hospital’s International Clinic first, and later contact your insurance company regarding payment.

■ Guide for International Students Subscribing to National Health Insureance


  1. 1. Any international student staying in Korea without health insurance is subject to the mandatory subscription to the National health insurance of Korea from March 1, 2021. Even if an international student does not report to the National health Insurance Service(NHIS), NHIS automatically processes the registration. Students who are currently staying in Korea should check with the NHIS in March for insurance coverage (Tel. 1577-1000).


Visa Type

Enrollment Time

Overseas study(D-2)

First entry → Alien registration date

Reentry → Reentry date

Overseas Korean students and foreign nationality Korean students

On the date of admission into a school

(if a copy of the proof enrollment is submitted)

General training (D-4)

Six months after the entry date


※ Before receiving the alien registration card, you can use National health insurance by issuing [외국인등록사실증명] from the immigration and foreign offices.
※ Undergraduate and exchange students can receive health insurance benefits after receiving a foreign registration card after entering the country. It takes about 50 days from entry to issue a foreigner registration card. You cannot receive national health insurance benefits until you issue a foreign registration card, so it is recommendable to sign up for personal insurance during this period in advance before entering the country.

  1. 2. Contributions
    1) Monthly contributions for international students for 2021: KRW 43,490 (for those who subscribe on March 1) [Insurance rates may change every year by the NHIS]
    2) Contributions payment: The contribution for the next month is due by the 25th of the current month(prepayment)
      - Pay Method: Automatic transfer(from your bank account or credit card), website, NHIS branch office, bank
        ① NHIS send bill (by mail) around 10th of each month to the address (ARC registration address) → If you do not receive mail, you may be overdue for insurance. Please contact NHIS to apply for a change so that you can receive the notice by e-mail or mobile in advance in early March.
  2.     ② Inquiry: Tel. (1577-1000)/ NHIS homepage (, Mobile app (The건강보험, 모바일지로)
    ※ If you default on health insurance contributions, health insurance benefits are limited, and even if you pay the arrears in full later on, you will not be reimbursed for medical expenses retrospectively. Therefore, please be careful not to default on insurance contributions.

  3. 3. Insurance Benefits (Available from the date of enrollment)
  4. 1) (The same benefits as the Korean citizens) Various benefits are available, including dental and oriental medical treatment, health checkups, and pregnancy and childbirth-related medical expenses (National Haengbok Card)
    ※ The above is inapplicable to non-covered items, such as treatment for diseases that do not affect work or daily life (example: plastic surgery).

※ (Co-payment Rate) A person who receives medical care benefits bears part of the medical expenses as below.

- Outpatient Medical Services: 30%-60% of the NHI, covering expenses

(varies by medical care institution type and area)
- Hospitalization Expenses: 20%


※ (General Health Checkups) For office worker, general health checkups are available biannually depending on your year of birth(Annually for non-office worker). For example, those born in an odd year can receive a general health checkup in 2021.

4. Disadvantages with Nonpayment of Contributions

1) (Restrictions on Health Insurance Benefits) Health Insurance benefits at medical care institutions are unavailable from the first day of the month following the payment deadline until the contribution is fully paid.

2) (Restrictions on Visa Extension) Your stay in Korea may not be extended by the Korea Immigration Service
→ (Exception) The restriction on visa extension does not apply if the contribution in arrears is less than KRW 500,000 or if other collection in arrears are less than KRW100,000.
3) (Dispositions on Default) The NHIS may demand payment by the specified period. Where a person fails to pay the insurance contributions by the specified period, compulsory collection procedures to seize his/her real estate, automobile, deposit, and so on may proceed.
→ The contributions in arrears may be paid in installments. The restriction on health insurance benefits will be lifted and made available once such installments are fully paid.
※ If you default on health insurance contributions, health insurance benefits are limited, and even if you pay the arrears in full later on, you will not be reimbursed for medical expenses retrospectively. Therefore, please be careful not to default on insurance contributions.

5. National Health Insurance Exclusion Application
1) Please check with NHIS for detailed exception conditions.

2) Required Document: documents verifying that medical guarantee, such as applications for exclusion of membership, insurance certificates, etc. is available
  - France: exclusion application(exclusion processes after checking Nationality)
  - Japan: 본국(일본Japan)health insurance card , exclusion application
  - U.S.A: 유니폼카드 또는 Blue Cross Blue shield insurance card, exclusion application
※ For documents in foreign languages, you can submit the original and Korean translation number together. (Apostille certification and translation notarization are not required.)
※ If you would like to apply for a subscription exception, please contact the NHIS (Tel. 1577-1000) first and prepare the documents.


6. NHIS Center for Foreign Residents (Seoul and Metropolitan Area)


Center Name

Jurisdiction Area

Center Information












  1. 7. 문의/ Inquiry / 상담 Consultation
  • TEL. 1577-1000
    외국어 서비스 단축번호 7번
    - Dial 7 for information on foreign languages

    Tel. 033-811-2000
    외국어(영어,중국어,베트남어,우즈베크어)상담 가능
    -Service in foreign languages(English, Chinese, Vietnamese and available)

    ※ 상담시간: 평일 오전9시~오후6시/ ※ Service Hours: 9:00am~6:00pm on weekdays