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To ensure your well-being during your study abroad at our campus, all incoming exchange & visiting students are obligated to obtain personal health(medical)/accident insurance.

The insurance plan must be valid in Republic of Korea and cover the duration of study.

Please enroll in a health insurance plan of your choice, as there is no designated insurance service provider but it is recommended that you choose a study abroad plan which will cover medical expenses to be incurred during your study in Korea.

Mandatory insurance plans provided at your home institution will be sufficient, but proof (an official letter) must be provided to the MOIA.


■ How to use Insurance


Korea’s hospitals require your payment in advance, and then administer treatment or perform an operation later.

Patients need to contact their insurance company later to file a claim for the bill.

Please be sure to request all receipts and the doctor’s statement (it costs about KRW 10,000 to KRW 30,000) in English in order to make processing your claims easier.

In case of emergency, please go to the Wonju Severance Hospital’s International Clinic first, and later contact your insurance company regarding payment.