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If you request a refund of the tuition already paid before the semester start date, full amount of it should be returned except the application fee. In case of the request comes after the semester starts, refunds will be made based on the policy below. (Tuition fee is 1,600,000 won per semester.)


 School Days Elapsed  Refund Amount
 01~07 days  83% of Tuition Fee (1,333,333 Won)
 08~12 days  75% of Tuition Fee (1,200,000 Won)
 13~25 days  50% of Tuition Fee (    800,000 Won)
 26~32 days  33% of Tuition Fee (    533,333 Won)
 33~37 days  25% of Tuition Fee (    400,000 Won)
 38~50 days     0% of Tuition Fee(               0 Won)


* Once a refund is made, total tuition fees paid for the subsequent semesters will be returned as well.


* When a student cannot continue studying due to denial of visa issuance or extending period of stay, 100% of tuition fee should be refunded. (Documentary evidence is required.)


* D-4 visa should be cancelled with the refund of a tuition.


* If a D-4 visa holder leaves the course half-way, the date when he/she turned in the AR card and left Korea should be regarded as the request date of the refund.


* For a claim for refund, please come to the IEC office(Yonsei Plaza #303) and complete the written request. You also need to bring your passport and a photocopy of the bankbook with you.