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The only currency that is in circulation as legal tender in Korea is the South Korean Won (KRW). Students will not be able to use US dollars or any other foreign currencies. Most major credit cards can be used nationwide, and students may exchange foreign currency at many banks and post offices.


Most students at Yonsei open accounts at Woori Bank, because it has a number of ATMs on campus and is easily found throughout the city. It is recommended that you deposit your cash into your bank account for safety, and don’t carry too much cash. 


Yonsei system is allowed to pay scholarship to Korean bank accounts. Therefore, international students who gets schoparship must open a bank account with the local bank, Woori Bank, located on campus.

Students will submit the bank account application during the orientation session. However, upon the bank policy, it takes about 4 weeks to open a bank account for foreigners. 

Once the bank account is set up, the scholarship is automatically deposited into their new account


[How Can I withdraw/send money abroad?]

ATMs that accept international bank cards can be found in the Yonsei Plaza. There are many international ATMS throughout the city, but not all can do international transactions. Be careful to look at the stickers on the machine to know if it is an international ATM.


International ATMs can make transfers with bank cards linked to Cirrus, Plus, MasterCard, VISA and some other major international networks. Keep in mind that there is usually a fee for withdrawing money outside of your home country. You should also avoid cash advances on your credit card if possible because on top of the transaction/transfer fee, you will be charged interest on your withdrawal.


To wire/transfer money from abroad to Korea, the sender will need to know:

- The account number

- The bank and branch (e.g. Woori Bank Yonsei Branch)

- The routing number or “swift code” (HVBKKRSEXXX for the Woori Bank)

- Your passport number

- The name of the bank, including the specific branch and address, to which the money is being wired


Yonsei Student ID Card


The student ID card is a multi-purpose identification card for Yonsei University MIRAE Campus students. It is issued in collaboration with Woori Bank. It gives you access to university facilities such as libraries, sports facilities, computer rooms, etc. It also allows you to show electronically your attendance for classes.


※ It can be used as a check card to pay at stationery stores, bookstores, and restaurants after opening a bank account at a campus Woori bank. It can be also utilized as prepaid public transportation card in Korea after the cash charge in the campus ATMs. However, this function does not apply to exchange/visiting students who study at Yonsei for less than a year. A separate debit card will be issued to those students.


[Application Period]

Same as first round of course registration.


[How to Apply]

Visit Yonsei Portal Service ( → Log in with your student ID number and PW (initial PW: D.O.B. in YYMMDD order) → Academic Information System → Issue Student ID → Apply for an ID card → Agree with personal info. collection, utilization, and processing entrustment to a trustee → Check applicant’s information → 신청(Apply)


※ A photo file should be a JPG format with no more than 200KB.


[How to find your student number]

Students will receive an email containing Yonsei Portal login information before the course registration begins.


[ID card Pick-up Period and Location]

Please visit MIRAE Office of International Affairs once you receive an issuance confirmation email.


[Student ID Card Reissuance]

Visit Yonsei Portal Service ( -> Log in with your student ID number and PW -> Academic Information System -> Issue Student ID -> Press Lost/Damaged/Expired Card Mgmt. button -> Lost/Damaged/Expired Card -> Registration -> Register -> ID Card Mgmt. -> Apply for an ID card -> Follow the application steps as above. It takes usually one week to obtain the card at the campus bank without charge.


- How to Report a Lost/damaged ID Card: Register at Yonsei Portal Service to prevent the lost/damaged ID card from being used again.


[Cancellation of Lost/Damaged/Expired ID Card Report]

Yonsei Portal Service -> Log in -> Academic Information System -> Issue Student ID -> Present Condition and Cancellation of the Lost/Damaged/Expired Card -> Report Cancellation.



Dinings on campus


Yonsei university MIRAE campus does not offer meal plan.

There are several dining halls and snack bars on campus. Student can have their own meals with reasonable prices.

Please note that dining halls will have limited openings or may be closed during break(holiday) periods and orientation.



Mobile Plans


There are generally three options for mobile plans: prepaid plans, monthly plans and international plans.


Incoming exchange and visiting students staying less than one year are recommended to find an international plan from home country or a prepaid plan in Korea, which start around KRW 30,000. Long term residents may consider buying a contract plan (usually 1-3 years). Contract plans may require proof of a long-term visa.


[International Plan]

Call the phone service in your home country and ask if there is any international plans they can offer while you are in Korea.


[SIM Cards]

Short term visitors can get a SIM card to connect with friends and family around the world while you’re staying in Korea! With an unlocked phone, you can use a phone right away without any wait.

You can easily get a SIM card at the Incheon International Airport or through the internet sites.


[Monthly Plans]

Main mobile service providers (telecoms) in Korea are SK Telecom, LG (U+ / U-Plus) and KT (olleh).

Each provide different service plans, so be sure to visit multiple stores to compare deals. Payment can be made by automatic withdrawals, money transfer (mobile or ATM), credit card, GIRO, etc.


When getting a new plan, be sure to bring: Passport, Alien Registration Card