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Orientation for Incoming International Students


Yonsei University MIRAE campus provides a pick-up service once from Incheon international airport to our campus for all incoming international students on a designated day. Additional information on the pick-up service will be noticed via separate email.

All International students are required to attend a comprehensive orientation and the attendance is mandatory. The orientation provides general information about Yonsei university, school life, housing, immigration and campus tour.

The orientation takes place on the next day of dormitory check-in. The orientation starts with a campus tour, which takes about an hour. For welcoming, lunch is provided. At the afternoon session, students learn about Alien Registration Card, Bank Account, Course Registration, Student ID, Safety Management, Consent to Use Personal Information, Kakao Talk, Health Care Center, Yonsei Sports Center, T-Money Card for public transportation, Mailing Address and so on. Then, students will visit DAISO (one-dollar shop) and E-mart (Supermarket) to buy their daily necessities while living in Korea.



Field trip for Incoming International Students


All new incoming international students join a field trip organized by MIRAE Office of International Affairs on the next day of the orientation for half a day.

For this tip, we will visit some cultural and historical places in the suburbs of Wonju, where the campus is located.
Also, it is a good opportunity to make Korean friends because Global Village Program participants also travel together.



Yonsei School Festival (대동제)


There is a school festival every May.

The festival is usually organized by Yonsei University cheering squad named 'AKARAKA' and student council for three or four days, which includes club festivals with performances and food/snack booths, college sports events, music festivals, food trucks, business booths related to career/job, and exhibitions on cherry blossom roads. On the last day of the festival, an event titled "아카라카를 온누리에" is held, where you can experience and enjoy Yonsei University's unique cheering culture called "AKARAKA" and you can also enjoy performances of famous and popular singers or group bands.
Remember to dress in Yonsei Blue!


International Day





Global Sports Day





Yon-Ko Jeon (연고전)


The Yonsei-Korea rivalry is the college rivalry between two universities. 

Yonsei University and Korea University. Both schools are widely regarded as two of the most prestigious private universities in South Korea.
Each year, various festivals are held before and after the friendship games between the two colleges. Since 1956, the annual Yonsei-Korea (Korea-Yonsei) games have served as the most hotly contested collegiate rivalries in the country. Five sports teams: football, rugby, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey teams compete against each other.
A large number of current students and alumni from both universities attend this event to support their respective sides. The event is notable for the coordinated crowd cheers which fill the stadium throughout the entire duration of the game.
A long-running gag between the two universities is the order of the two universities when referring to the rivalry. Yonsei University refers to it as the "Yon-Ko Jeon" rivalry, whereas Korea University refers to it as the "Ko-Yon Jeon" rivalry.


Korean Culture Experiences


The office organizes various cultural experience events throughout the semester for international students.
Usually, these events take place 5 times per semester on Fridays.
For each event, students will be asked to join beforehand and there is no extra fee.
Examples of Korean Culture Experience:
National Museum of Korea
National Hangeul Museum
Farm Experience Village - Digging sweet potatoes, Cutting rice, Picking strawberries, Making Kimchi, etc.
Wonju Hanji Theme Park
Yeoju Ceramic Festival
Silleuksa Temple
Maeji Nonak Institution (Korean Traditional/Folk music)
Korean cooking class
Korean Folk Games - Tuho, Jegichagi, Yut Nori, Gonggi Nori
Wonju Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge
Wonju Rail Park

Making handcrafts