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Faculty Administrator

Faculty Administrator
Name Position Phone E-mail
Park Eung-suk Dean 033-760-5080

  Associate Dean 033-760-5081  

Administrative Staff

Name Duty Phone E-mail

Oh Seul-ki

(Team Manager)

General Supervision, Financial Affairs, Projects Management 033-760-5082
Kim Wi-pyo Korean Language Program (chief), Overseas Promotion and support for International Students 033-760-5084
Jang Se-hyun English Classes, Agreements with Overseas Universities 033-760-5085
Lee Sang-hoon Global Village Program, Support for Newly Admitted International Students


Lim So-hwi Support for International Students, Preparing for Government-Required Reports 033-760-5088
Han Min-ju Exchange Student Program, Foreign Language Certificate for Graduation 033-760-5086
Shin So-yeon Korean Language Program (deputy) 033-760-5091
- Other Information Services 033-760-5087/5092

Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor
Name Duty Phone


Yu Jae-hyeon Counseling and Program Designing for International Students 033-760-5098