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Special Program

The Yonsei Leadership Program is a 4 week intensive and comprehensive summer program offered in English.
This program is designed to introduce students to the characteristics and styles of Korean leadership by examining Korean patterns of local and global leadership past and present and to develop a more reflective, viable and suitable leadership model that will work in the future.
The Program blends students from both Yonsei University Mirae Campus and partner institutions. The students from both campuses will study Korean leadership from various perspectives—historic, political, economic, cultural and social, and work on a collaborative project on designing effective leadership models for the future.
Basic Information
Summer Semester
(As of 2019, it was from July 1st to July 26th. But the schedule might be adjusted a little every year.)
Yonsei students:           4 credits
International students:  6 credits
(It will be graded pass or fail for Yonsei students except for the EIC majors.)
The four-week summer study abroad program at Yonsei University Mirae Campus has two components; academic and non-academic components.
The YLP includes an intensive examination of Korean patterns of local and global leadership as well as South Korea's patterns of political development and economic transformation, with questions like "What was the driving force behind Korea's dramatic transformation?" and "What are replicable aspects of this rapid economic and social development?" The program blends several components, including lectures, discussions, field trips, language classes, and reflections to provide students with a framework for examining various perspectives on Korean leadership and experiences at the local, regional and international level. It encourages cross-cultural exploration and interaction between International and Yonsei students.
The Program is divided into 4 main parts: 
(1) Korean Economy and Leadership
(2) Korean Politics and Leadership
(3) Korean History and Leadership
(4) Lecture Series on Korean Culture and Society
In every week, students will go on a week-long cultural trip to places of cultural value and historic importance. The field trips are directly related to the weekly lecture on the particular theme.
We offer on-campus housing for all international students participating in Summer Study Abroad Program. Students will be staying in a triple occupancy room with separate shower and toilet.
Please email to should you have any questions concerning the program.